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Bad Credit Home Loans As a group of small and developing nations that form the single largest bloc of members within the OAS, Caricom-which was primarily responsible in the 1970s for breaking the US isolation of Cuba, regards America's punitive embargo against that country as the last cold war political issue of the 20th century. As articulated by Caricom this problem reveals a "fracture in the hemispheric family'' that requires, as Obama has been informed, "unconditional dialogue'' between Washington and Havana. But as rising voices have been proclaiming within recent weeks, the exclusion of Cuba from the OAS cannot any longer be sustained. No official response is known to have been received from Obama to the Caricom letter. Nevertheless, Caricom shares the view that Cuba's readmission to the OAS, which the Obama administration could begin to talk about at the summit, will begin the healing process of the "fracture'' that had occurred back in 1962. The veteran Republican Senator of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Richard Lugar- about whom Obama had favourably written before his election as President-has found it necessary to send a message to the 44th President that it was time to come to terms with normalisation of US-Cuba relations. In his letter of March 30 Lugar told Obama: "At the Summit of the Americas you will be confronted with growing momentum within the region in favour of reincorporating Cuba as a member of the OAS.... "Cuban inclusion in the OAS,'' said Lugar, "presents challenges to the integrity of the organisation and its commitment to promote and defend democracy and human rights, as codified in the Inter-American Democratic Charter and the American Convention on Human Rights...'' President Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are destined to hear of this and more from Caricom and Latin American leaders, starting with the summit's host, Prime Minister Patrick Manning and Caricom's current chairman Prime Minister Dean Barrow of Belize, during the formal opening session on April 17 when Obama will make his much-awaited address. Other speakers at plenary sessions the following day, April 18, to underscore the necessity of ending the US embargo against Cuba and its return to the OAS, will include Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega, Guyana's Bharrat Jagdeo, St Vincent and the Grenadines' Ralph Gonsalves as well as Jamaica's Bruce Golding and Dominica's Roosevelt Skerrit. The legendary Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, has called on delegations at the summit to ensure firm support for an end to the exclusion of Cuba and termination of the US embargo. In a regular column he writes for Granma, Castro ridiculed what he deemed "inadmissible concepts'' in the draft text of the "Summit Declaration''. He was given a copy by Nicaragua's President Ortega who paid him a visit. He said the summit would be a "trial by fire'' for the Caribbean-Latin America region. Just this past Monday, Caribbean economist Norman Girvan, recently awarded with an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Havana, noted that, "Fidel Castro will be the unseen guest'' at the Fifth Summit for which "he is evidently a player'', to follow information coming out of various hemispheric capitals, among them Havana, Santiago de Chile, La Paz, Bolivia and Caracas. PARKLAND, Fla. -- At the height of the U.S. housing boom, when building materials were in short supply, American construction companies used millions of pounds of Chinese-made drywall because it was abundant and cheap. Now that decision is haunting hundreds of homeowners and apartment dwellers who are concerned that the wallboard gives off fumes that can corrode copper pipes, blacken jewelry and silverware, and possibly sicken people. Shipping records reviewed by The Associated Press indicate that imports of potentially tainted Chinese building materials exceeded 500 million pounds during a four-year period of soaring home prices. The drywall may have been used in more than 100,000 homes, according to some estimates, including houses rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina. "This is a traumatic problem of extraordinary proportions," said U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, a Florida Democrat who introduced a bill in the House calling for a temporary ban on the Chinese-made imports until more is known about their chemical makeup. Similar legislation has been proposed in the Senate. The drywall apparently causes a chemical reaction that gives off a rotten-egg stench, which grows worse with heat and humidity. Researchers do not know yet what causes the reaction, but possible culprits include fumigants sprayed on the drywall and material inside it. The Chinese drywall is also made with a coal byproduct called fly ash that is less refined than the form used by U.S. drywall makers. Dozens of homeowners in the Southeast have sued builders, suppliers and manufacturers, claiming the very walls around them are emitting smelly sulfur compounds that are poisoning their families and rendering their homes uninhabitable. "It's like your hopes and dreams are just gone," said Mary Ann Schultheis, who has suffered burning eyes, sinus headaches, and a general heaviness in her chest since moving into her brand-new, 4,000-square foot house in this tidy South Florida suburb a few years ago. She has few options. Her builder is in bankruptcy, the government is not helping and her lender will not give her a break. "I'm just going to cry," she said. "We don't know what we're going to do." Builders have filed their own lawsuits against suppliers and manufacturers, claiming they unknowingly used the bad building materials. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating, as are health departments in Virginia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Florida and Washington state. Companies that produced some of the wallboard said they are looking into the complaints, but downplayed the possibility of health risks. "What we're trying to do is get to the bottom of what is precisely going on," said Ken Haldin, a spokesman for Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin, a Chinese company named in many of the lawsuits. The Chinese ministries of commerce, construction and industry and the Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine did not respond to repeated requests for comment. Chinese news reports have said AQSIQ, which enforces product quality standards, was investigating the complaints but people in the agency's press office said they could not confirm that. Meanwhile, governors in Louisiana and Florida are asking for federal assistance, and experts say the problem is only now beginning to surface. "Based on the amount of material that came in, it's possible that just in one year, 100,000 residences could be involved," said Michael Foreman, who owns a construction consulting firm. The company has performed tests on some 200 homes in the Sarasota area and has been tracking shipments of the drywall. TRENTON, N.J. -- Jaimy Gerler was frantic this past winter when the doctor prescribed yet another costly medicine for her toddler daughter, whose allergies had landed her in the hospital the winter before. With her salesman husband's income selling tools for auto mechanics down and $10,000 in hospital bills still unpaid from her daughter Taegan's premature birth, the Perryville, Mo., woman thought, ``$200 a month -- how can we afford it?'' Gerler, who runs a day care in her home, is among the growing number of people seeking prescription medicines cheap or for free. The rising demand is a result of millions losing jobs and health insurance as the recession worsens even as healthcare costs continue to rise 5 percent per year. One recent survey found 1 in 5 Americans have gone without their medications, split pills or skipped doses -- risking their health or even their lives. That doesn't have to be. Hundreds of programs, some little known, offer medicines free or at a discount. Nearly all assistance programs have income limitations and other rules, but several have eased eligibility requirements. FIRST STEP The first step should be to tell your doctor you need help. He or she often can give you free samples provided by drug companies although some doctors say that they're getting fewer samples now, just when they have more patients asking for them. A good next step is to do an Internet search for ''patient assistance programs,'' or go to one of several websites sponsored by hospitals, consumer groups, drugmakers and others, that connect patients with individual assistance programs. Those portals include www.rxhope.com, www.nee dymeds.org, www.patientas sistance.com, www.patientad vocate.org and the industry-backed Partnership for Prescription Assistance, at www.pparx.org. Such sites usually offer an online application, information about government and other assistance programs, a search function to find programs for specific drugs, and links to patient groups and other sites on diseases. Some have links to coupons for rebates or free samples, or to programs such as Together Rx Access. It supplies cards that people who don't have drug coverage and aren't eligible for Medicare can use in nearly all pharmacies to get discounts of 25-40 percent on prescriptions. PREPARING DOCUMENTS Before applying, assemble the documents you likely will need to get approval for a patient assistance program: • Your last income tax return and, if you're employed, recent pay stubs. • If you're unemployed, a letter or other document from your former employer stating you have been terminated and your health insurance has been stopped. • Your last few months of bank statements. • Statements covering any investments you have. • Information on accumulated medical debt, which could affect eligibility. Patients who have been through the process say not to accept rejection as final. Sometimes writing a letter detailing why a medication is so important, or applying to additional programs, brings success. Once you've gotten approval, though, you'll almost definitely have to reapply every year. That can cause a gap without the medicine, so don't wait until the last minute. The Patient Advocate Foundation will appeal denials to try to reverse them, help people get Social Security disability income or Medicaid coverage, and get preauthorization for expensive medical care.